Shomoul Al Khaleej Group is a group of companies specialized in the field of engineering, safety, legal, administrative and technical consulting, using the latest technologies to reach the highest levels of services provided to our customers.

We are always proud of everything we have achieved and seek to continue the path of progress and growth based on the future vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and based on the pillars built on sound foundations in accordance with international and national standards and keeping pace with technology with a focus on achieving sustainable growth. From this point of view, we harness all our capabilities to support and develop our human cadres of all categories, which are our main engine, while continuing our full commitment towards our customers, partners and society.


Shomoul Engineering Consulting

SEC is one of Shomoul Group Companies, which is an engineering department with more than 20 years’ experience, combines engineering expertise in all fields. we aim to design projects in the highest engineering standards details and the highest quality by the best engineering applications to satisfy our customers.

Shomoul Safety Consulting

SSC is one of Shomoul Group Companies, with more than 20 years’ experience, combines safety & environemental expertise in all fields. SSC is a saudi arabian leading company in measuring & improving Safety and Well-being Performance based on scientific approach.

Shomoul Business Consulting

SBC is one of Shomoul Group Companies, which a one of the Middle Eastern leading management consulting firms, where bold thinking, inspired people and a passion for results come together for extraordinary impact.

Shomoul Financial Consulting

SFC is one of Shomoul Group Companies, as financial consulting firms we typically offer advisory services related to financial management, investments, business strategy, and more.

Shomoul Legal Consultation

SLC is one of the companies within the Shomoul Consultations Group, with over 12 years of experience. It brings together experts in all legal and Sharia fields across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Shomoul Smart Technologies

SST is one of Shomoul Group Companies, we offering tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. From creating user-friendly websites that seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics to crafting visually striking branding materials and logos.

Shomoul Designs

SD is one of Shomoul Group Companies, we specializes in transforming spaces, both indoors and outdoors, to create functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. These firms focus on enhancing the look, feel, and usability of residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Shomoul Geo-Engineering Consultation

SGC is one of the companies within the Shomoul Consultations Group, offers geological and geophysical services of the highest quality to clients at all levels, including consultants, contractors, and public authorities, in a variety of disciplines, including mining, civil engineering, and infrastructure.

Shomoul Environmental Advisory

SEA offer specialized assessment and advisory services to clients concerning the management of environmental issues. Through their expertise, they mitigate the adverse effects of industrial, commercial, and governmental initiatives on the environment.